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piper_g's Journal

Hi, I'm Piper. If you're looking to get to know me, I'm afraid you've found me in a less than perfect moment. I used to be the commander of the Elite M-class starship Phallyx. But the starship is gone, and so are most of the members of the Elite High Court, the people I grew up admiring.

I never knew Prisma Pherric until recently. Yes, she's dead; and unlike some of the people I know, she never "got better", really. But she's awfully nice. I'm glad Kael Klai-Darr, her soulmate, is safe with her now, though I'm still sad he died and I imagine he probably wouldn't be too happy with me right now if he knew I managed to crash and destroy the ship he poured so much of his heart into so soon afterwards. I know I'm not thrilled with me as it is. But I am thankful that I got to meet Prisma.

How did I meet somebody who's dead? Well, I had the pendant she used to access her Elite Armor, and when the late Tarren Dael -- leader of the Elite turned traitor -- almost killed me, the armor activated itself and she... possessed me, I guess, is the only way to put it. But she used a lot of her powers to help restore me and from there I was able to go on and beat Tarren. That makes me feel really guilty, 'cause he used to be such a great person and I know that had to be in him somewhere still, right?

Kalana Lanaak is still a good person, though, and I'm awfully thankful for that. I'd never want to fight her; I spent over a third of my life in her care. I could never hurt her.

I almost can't fight Sidrick Tutt, either, albeit for a very different reason. I just can't win when he's around. He's the original Elite traitor, but he always seems to manage to play the game without me or anyone else having any idea whatsoever of the things he's plotting until it's too late. And he always seems to know exactly how to take me down. But one day, this has to end.

I'm just about eighteen. By this planet's time system, at least. I can't really give you an exact day because I don't know myself. But that's no big deal. Time means something different everywhere I go -- it's just another one of many things I doubt I'll ever really understand. Right now, I'm staying with my boyfriend, BJ, and his family, at least until I get things figured out, which I'm really thankful for. But there's no escaping the fact that I've got a lot of decisions and adjustments to make in my near future, because nothing can be the way it was anymore.

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